I[X] 2019 - Heat Extremes

Heat Extremes in Major Metropolitan Area of Texas: Fusion of High-Resolution Climate Model and Remote Sensing Data for Assessing the Human Exposure and Health Risks

Poster and Video Gallery

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Team Leaders:
Dr. Yangyang Xu, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, College of Geosciences
Dr. Xiaohui Xu, Associate Professor, Biostatistics, School of Public Health

Graduate Student Team Members:
Chenrui Diao, Meteorology, College of Geosciences
Vixey Fang, Epidemiology & Environmental Health, College of Public Health

Undergraduate Student Team Members:
Angelina Choi, Public Health, College of Public Health
Minaal Farrukh, Public Health, College of Public Health
​Madison Gordon, Meteorology, College of Geosciences
Kendahl Hejl, Geographic Information Science and Technology, College of Geosciences
Evan Laszewski, Meteorology, College of Geosciences
Rhiannon McDermid, Meteorology, College of Geosciences
Sophia Nguyen, Public Health, College of Public Health
Nadia Partida, Meteorology, College of Geosciences
Christopher Ruiz, Meteorology, College of Geosciences 

Additional Student Assistance:
Salvador Alanis, Business Honors, Mays College of Business (Fall 2019)
Marissa Castillo, Environmental Geosciences, College of Geosciences (Fall 2019)
Bhatia Deepansh, Computer Science, College of Engineering (Fall 2019)
Delaney King, Public Health, College of Public Health (Fall 2019)                      
Isabella McCafferty, Public Health, College of Public Health (Fall 2019)
Tu Nguyen, Petroleum Engineering, College of Engineering (Fall 2019)         


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