I[X] 2019 - Adaptive Response Environments

Adaptive Response Environments for Physical and Mental Health

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Team Leaders: 
Dr. Theodora Chaspari, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. Anastasia Muliana, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. James E. Hubbard Jr., Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Team Contributors: 
Dr. Winfred Arthur, Professor, Psychology
Dr. Youngjib Ham, Assistant Professor, Construction Science
Dr. Jennifer Ganz, Professor, Educational Psychology
Dr. Negar Kalantar, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Dr. Dongying Li, Assistant Professor, Architecture

Graduate Student Team Members:
Sarra Bounouh, Computer Science, College of Engineering (Fall 2019)
Ellen Hagen, Psychological & Brain Sciences, College of Liberal Arts
Di Liu, Architecture, College of Architecture
Zaryab Shahid, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Undergraduate Student Team Members:
Minji Choi, Computer Science, College of Engineering
Summer Lehman, Psychological & Brain Sciences, College of Liberal Arts
Yung-Hsin Tung, Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering

Units Represented: 

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Construction Science
  • Educational Psychology
  • Architecture



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