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Texas A&M University Innovation Partners is the designated member commercialization office for Texas A&M University, focused on harvesting new innovations and facilitating the commercialization process to help usher technologies from the lab to the marketplace.
In coordination with Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization, Innovation Partners works to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial culture among the university research community, encouraging and welcoming the development of industry partnerships to expand commercialization opportunities, further research, and ultimately impact the lives of people locally, nationally, and globally.
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Research often generates new ideas for novel technologies which also provides for the creation of traditional publications and presentations. Texas A&M University and its Health Science Center encourage faculty and researchers to take that a step further, to translate the results of their academic work beyond the university setting.
With the help of Innovation Partners, commercialization efforts can augment traditional academic activities and greatly increase the impact of the work on society. By participating in commercialization activities, researchers can realize the following benefits:
  • Make a positive impact on the general public and stimulate the economy
  • Experience a sense of personal fulfillment
  • Achieve commercial and public recognition
  • Attract additional laboratory or department funding and resources
  • Obtain financial rewards for success of the invention in the marketplace
We will partner with you in the following ways:
  • Assistance with disclosure submission and evaluation
  • Education about the commercialization process
  • Development of strategies for protecting the intellectual property you conceive
  • Identification of commercialization-related funding opportunities
  • Conducting market and commercialization assessments around the technology opportunity
  • Facilitation of the launch of start-up companies
  • Creation of networks of industry contacts and establishment mutually beneficial partnerships


No matter how early-stage you think your discovery might be, your research could make a difference and lead to a successful commercial process or product. This is why disclosure is important and should be done as early as possible.
Upon disclosure, we can work with you to develop a strategy for protecting your intellectual property rights that does not delay your plans for publication and also allows for all of your patent rights to remain intact. Some rights could be lost if you publicly disclose your ideas before initiating patent protection.
The System Invention Disclosure Form can be found here and should be emailed to Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding disclosure or filling out this form.
System policy and regulations governing Intellectual Property and Commercialization can be found at the following link:

Innovation Partners is committed to partnering with industry to foster a collaborative culture with Texas A&M University investigators to further research objectives and technology development, and positively impact the economy.
By partnering with our office, industry counterparts can become involved and participate in novel faculty and staff discoveries, gain access to our specialized institutional centers and institutes, and license groundbreaking technologies to further enhance your company’s research and development efforts. 
Access our listing of technologies to view innovations that are currently available for licensing.
Below are some examples of the ways we engage with industry.
  • Assistance with identification of applied research opportunities
  • Access to university resources, centers of expertise, and schools
  • Access to facilities for preclinical studies and trials
  • Connection to mentorship opportunities with Texas A&M University start-up companies
  • Providing technology investment opportunities


License Agreements

A licensing agreement is a contract between the university and a company to grant the company the right to make use of intellectual property owned by the university for commercial purposes. In these agreements, the company will negotiate terms and conditions for licensing the intellectual property with an Innovation Partners licensing manager, in partnership with the Texas A&M System Office of General Counsel, and once negotiations are complete, the agreement will be routed for approval by Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization (TTC). 
For more information about licensing intellectual property from Texas A&M University or its Health Science Center, please contact Innovation Partners at
Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

An NDA is created between the university and an outside entity (company or individual) to facilitate discussions concerning confidential information related to the university's intellectual property. Putting this type of agreement in place allows university researchers and Innovation Partners staff to discuss the details of their confidential research with outside parties that may be interested in partnering with the university in some way (e.g. licensing, sponsored research, etc) while still protecting the intellectual property rights on the research.

NDAs concerning university intellectual property are drafted and negotiated by Innovation Partners staff, in partnership with the Texas A&M System Office of General Counsel, and once negotiations are complete, the agreement is routed for approval and execution by Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization (TTC). 

NDAs un-related to university-owned intellectual property are handled and executed by Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services and the Texas A&M University Division of Research. Please visit the Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services website for more information.
Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

An MTA is a document used by scientists and their institutions to transfer materials. It allows university researchers to provide research materials to an outside university or institution while still protecting the intellectual property rights on the research materials.

While Innovation Partners staff are consulted on matters concerning Texas A&M University intellectual property terms, the initiation, handling, negotiations, and execution of these agreements for Texas A&M University units is managed by the Texas A&M University Division of Research. Please visit the Division of Research website for more information.


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