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Accelerating Aggie Innovation

The Aggie Forum is modeled after the Antigua Forum, a program created by the late Giancarlo Ibárgüen ’85 when he was president of Universidad Francisco Marroguin (UFM) in Guatemala. It is a highly interactive, structured, and collaborative process in which participants work with each other and a team of facilitators to help project owners develop their ideas. The School of Innovation collaborated with UFM to train a group of facilitators to bring the methodology to Texas A&M University and we are excited to share Giancarlo’s vision with his alma mater.

The Aggie Forum is a two-day co-creation event at which projects benefit from the feedback and input from a group of talented members of the Texas A&M extended family. This event is for anyone interested in advancing projects/ideas to the next level and participating in an energized collaborative environment. It includes TAMU faculty, staff, students, community members, and more. We provide participants with the tools needed in order to help project owners overcome obstacles they’ve defined as limiting to their process. The Forum methodology provides lots of input on various projects in a short amount of time. It leads to tangible results that exceed expectations, a new level of commitment by participants, and fast-tracks the building and strengthening of relationships between teams and individuals.

Meet The Players

There are 3 major players involved in making the Aggie Forum projects and process a success: the participants, the facilitators, and the project owners.


Are actively engaged in the conversation at the station, make their thinking visible, build on the ideas of others, and work toward the desired outcome of the stations. These individuals are open-minded, willing to share their own viewpoints, and are able to build on the ideas of others.


Are in charge of the process at the station to which they are assigned, a “referee of sorts” for the feedback process. Before the event, they meet with the project owner to discuss the desired outcomes and finalize activating questions which will be discussed. During the event, these individuals take care of the energy level, keep an eye on the dynamics, and push for clarity and quality of the ideas. This person should be observant, able to prioritize, and a good listener during the sessions.

Project Owners

Should value input and be open to feedback on the project they bring to the forum. These individuals have an invested interest, are the co-designer of the station, the expert on the topic, and the caretaker of the ideas developed during the forum. They must be open-minded, prepared to submit the project to criticism, suggestions, and changes, and willing to be challenged about their idea.

Upcoming Aggie Forum

The date and format of our next Aggie Forum is to be determined. Please check back with us at a later date.

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