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Innovation in Motion

Our video gallery is a virtual idea notebook – a place where we can document innovative ideas and creative solutions.

Take a look at some of our most popular videos and playlists, or check out our YouTube channel for all of our video content.

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Conversations with an IP Attorney

Get the scoop on protecting your ideas and intellectual property from an Aggie attorney.

Intellectual Property Protection 101

Sit down with local Intellectual Property Attorney, Stephen Mason ’99, and get the rundown on what Intellectual Property Protection is and why you might need it.

Timing is Everything

Why does timing matter when it comes to filing patents? Get the answer to that question and more from Former Student and IP Attorney Stephen Mason ’99.

You and Your Attorney

Attorney Stephen Mason ’99 takes a deeper dive into understanding your relationship with your attorney and how this can be beneficial to both you and your attorney throughout the patent process.

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