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Intelligent Psychoacoustic Spaces for Health and Well-Being

In this I[X] Team Spotlight, take a look at the team behind the research. Dr. Theodora Chaspari will share why this project is important to the community and how her team of students will contribute to the project. Discover what compelled the students to select this particular Innovation[X] project to work on, and what valuable skill sets and unique perspectives they bring to the project.

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Dr. Chaspari, as the project leader, tell us why this project is so important to the community?

“This project aims to make group spaces more comfortable to each and every individual by modifying the structure of the space in a personalized manner. To achieve this, the project combines multiple disciplines of engineering, architecture, and life sciences.”

What do you think your team of students can bring to this project?

“Our students bring a diverse set of expertise, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. We are very lucky to work with 4 graduate and 7 undergraduate students from 5 different departments (i.e., mechanical engineering, psychological & brain sciences, construction sciences, architecture, computer sciences).”

As students, what made you chose this particular Innovation[X] project?

“As an engineer, my ambition is always to come up with the ideas, develop products, and implement them in the real life that can be used for the betterment of the society. In this Innovation X project, I saw my ambition being fulfilled so I opted to serve on the team. By the end of this project, we will have prototype of physical intelligent psychoacoustic space that can be used to promote human productivity, health and well-being. Intelligent psychoacoustic spaces can be implemented in open office work culture, hospitals, etc.”

– Zaryab Shahid, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student


“It seemed like an interesting topic that I did not have much exposure to beforehand.”

– Coleman Bond, Mechanical Engineering Major


“It’s psychology-related and multidisciplinary project. And I had similar experience before.”

– Siyue Qiu, Psychological Sciences Graduate Student


What part of the project will you be working on?

“My current research is related to developing reconfigurable kerf panels that can used in intelligent psychoacoustic spaces. I’m doing numerical analysis on these reconfigurable kerf panels and also conducting acoustic experiments on them.”

– Zaryab Shahid, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student


“I am working on Bio-behavioral models of noise comfort. I am responsible for data collection and data analysis.”

– Siyue Qiu, Psychological Sciences Graduate Student


“The MEEN Side of the project where we model repeating patterns for the adaptive sound rooms.”

– Coleman Bond, Mechanical Engineering Major

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