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What is Co-Creation?

It is a highly dynamic and flexible tool where trained facilitators are able to sense and respond to challenges and opportunities as they arise. The co-creation methodology was created by Giancarlo Ibárgüen ’85 whose goal was to make meetings more productive and produce a higher impact on society. Recognizing that most of the fruitful conversations, the interchanging of ideas, the formation of joint projects, and the creation of future collaborations take place during the conference breaks, he envisioned a “continuous coffee break” in place of the traditional conference or workshop. From this vision, the Antigua Forum (the model for the Aggie Forum) was created – an unconference style forum that is innovative and nontraditional.

The co-creation methodology used at the unconference forum is based on the principles of self-organization, and is designed to engage all participants in an environment that is both energizing and challenging. Using the co-creation methodology, trained facilitators focus the energy of the participants to achieve previously defined outcomes of the unconference forum.

The process transforms top-down managed meetings into constructive environments where co-creation and bottom-up collaborative problem-solving flourishes. The co-creation methodology unleashes vast amounts of knowledge and experience that allows for creating value synergistically and leaving no potential untapped.

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Benefits of Co-Creation

The benefits of this methodology include greater participation by those involved, better teamwork, more tangible ideas, and better commitment by all. The co-creation methodology can be used in a variety of ways: to revise, reform, refocus, upgrade, and boost existing organizations or departments, to develop academic papers, work on projects that find real solutions impacting people, companies, or communities, and take events to the next level of creativity and effectiveness.

“The quick sharing and free flowing ideas allows for an exciting and fast iteration of concepts.”

– Chris Scotti, Chair
Texas A&M New Ventures Competition

“I loved the ideas and the collaboration. I loved that there wasn’t an agenda – you could flow from one station to the next. It gave me the freedom to get really creative – I did my best thinking while listening to the conversations of others.”

– Gary Peterson, CEO
Gap Intelligence

“Watching ideas develop, grow and/or pivot when least expected.”

– Lenae Scroggins, Vice Chair
Texas A&M New Ventures Competition

Become A Trained Co-Creation Facilitator

Interested in becoming a trained facilitator? Want to use the co-creation methodology to take your next meeting, event, or research to the next level? Apply to be a part of the School of Innovation’s next co-creation training session.

*The date and format of our next Co-Creation Facilitator Training is to be determined. Please check back with us at a later date.

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