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About the Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor fosters development of a creative, visionary mindset and spirit and prepares students to be opportunity seekers and creators that identify, evaluate, and implement innovative, value-added solutions. The Entrepreneurship Minor requires a total of 15 credit hours to consist of 6 hours of foundational courses that are common across all clusters plus 6 hours of discipline-specific courses and a 3-hour capstone experience. The minor includes discipline-specific course clusters intended to aid students’ course selection. Course clusters are not restrictive. Students may select courses within a single cluster or across multiple clusters to best meet their interests and professional goals.

Entrepreneurship Minor Classes

Who is allowed to sign up for the Entrepreneurship Minor?

All undergraduate students, regardless of major, can sign up for the Entrepreneurship Minor (ENTR).

How do I sign up for the Entrepreneurship Minor?

There is no special form – simply ask your advisor to sign you up for the ENTR minor.

If I've already taken some of these classes, do they count towards the Minor?

Yes! Make sure to confirm those details with your advisor.

What is part of the Entrepreneurship Minor?

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” – Peter Drucker

The Entrepreneurship Minor can benefit any undergraduate student looking to graduate with the ability to develop ideas, solve problems, communicate well with diverse groups of people, and identify new opportunities in their own discipline. Topics covered include:

The Role of the Entrepreneur

Definition, characteristics, and applications of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship

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Opportunities and Challenges

Innovation, idea development, critical assessment of ideas, and evaluation

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Entrepreneur in Society

Societal context, strategic considerations, and the marketplace

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Organizational Structure

Planning, strategy, and operations, teaming and diversity, mentoring networks, and funding systems

Why Entrepreneurship?

“When looking at what minors were offered, entrepreneurship caught my attention. I loved how there’s a variety of courses to choose from, and each one seemed very interesting to me. From marketing, management, and communication I knew that each course would provide me with helpful life skills along with, important skills in the workforce. I would love to work for a nonprofit organization, and hopefully open my own one someday! I noticed that this minor offered a course specifically for managing a nonprofit organization, and I knew immediately that this was the perfect minor for me!”

Loren Coburn ‘23
Communication Major
Entrepreneurship Minor

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Entrepreneurship Minor?
Contact the School of Innovation at

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