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Bob is Associate Dean of the School of Innovation at Texas A&M University. He served as founding Head of Department of International Studies at Texas A&M in the College of Liberal Arts. A film and television historian, Bob has written widely on German and American film and television, as well as the history and memory of the Holocaust and World War II in Germany. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1995.

Bob is a distance runner and has completed the Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Frankfurt marathons, among others. Bob likes to hike in his free time (in cooler climates) and enjoys reading and spending time with his wife Linda, daughter Mary, and their very photogenic bulldog Louise.

Favorite Book as a Child

Little House in the Big Woods” – I love Jack, the bulldog.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show

First App You Check When You Wake Up

The Washington Post” – I’m a news junkie.

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